About TSSI

TSSI Systems Ltd, with a heritage in security stretching back over 25 years, offers two distinct solutions to assist Banks and financial organisations comply with KYC ID document checking under AML regulation.

Banks, financial institutions and solicitors are just a few of the organisations that need to scan, verify and store high volume of customer ID documents as part of their KYC checks ensuring compliance.

Using these systems, compliance is made easy making the whole process paperless and lowering cost as well as requiring less staff to operate than manual visual document verification and photocopying.

Originally part of Thorn EMI, TSSI has been providing security and authentication systems to Companies, Banks, Institutions and Governments since 1985. As an independent group, TSSI sells security solutions based on class-leading technology and quality, which feature magnetic stripe, RFID cards, Biometric systems and document readers.

TSSI is different because it develops key parts of the system offer itself – it is not just a system integrator. This leads to smarter, better solutions, which give the customer what, they need.

In response to the need to positively identify people coming to live and work in the UK introduced by the various Immigration Acts and AML regulation in the last decade, TSSI has developed a suite of systems designed to take the headache out of compliance for financial institutions. These are the Validate family, and you can find more information and purchase them from this website.